"Cancer is a challenging disease - but the beauty of life after cancer is worth fighting for"

A number of articles have been written and research studies completed which acknowledge that a regular exercise regime not only increases cardiac function and metabolism, but importantly also reduces the risk of recurrence of cancer.

Since its introduction in 2010, Strive 2 Thrive has made a huge difference to hundreds of participants through its free-of-charge specialised exercise and wellbeing programs for cancer survivors.

By taking part in these programs, our participants not only reduce the likelihood of a cancer recurrence, but  also have the opportunity to kick-start a new chapter in their lives, re-energising and reclaiming a quality life following what can only be considered as a very traumatic and disempowering experience. 

It's never too soon or too late to start working towards
being the healthiest you!


A cancer diagnosis often comes as a physical and mental shock.

And it usually results in a sudden onslaught of medical appointments, scans, tests, and biopsies, often followed by treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - any and all of which can impact heavily on a individual’s ability to  manage their everyday lives, throughout and following treatment. 


The end of seemingly continuous and relentless appointments and treatments can appear abruptly for these individuals, with many of them experiencing a feeling of “what now”?

Now add to this the overwhelming physical and emotional exhaustion most cancer patients feel as a result of their treatments which understandably leaves them feeling poorly equipped to recommence their normal everyday lives, and  often months away from actively returning to work, to sporting activities, to a quality life. 


On top of this, they are often understandably worried that their cancer may return.

Geelong based Medical Oncologist , Dr Karen White, and Specialist Oncology Nurses, Barb Cummins and Sue Bowles identified the need for a locally based specialised exercise and wellbeing program to help these cancer survivors rebuild their physical and mental strength and fill that post-treatment void.

And so Strive 2 Thrive was born.

Our Mission

We are determined to restore, enhance and facilitate the quality of life for individuals following a cancer diagnosis and treatment, empowering them to regain physical strength and confidence, at all times supporting and motivating them to succeed.

Who we are

Strive 2 Thrive is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers - including its specialist founders who form the medical team responsible for handling referrals and eligibility, and who provide medical and health assistance to the participants throughout the program. 


Our team also includes a health and fitness specialist, a finance and health industry expert, and a number of dedicated volunteers who bring a broad range of experience and skills to the team and who source and engage our guest speakers,  and organise and run occasional events on behalf of Strive 2 Thrive. 


Some of our volunteer members have themselves been participants in the Strive 2 Thrive program and now choose to provide support to participants in a number of ways throughout the program.

Our Values

We recognise that the people our program serves to assist are at a very vulnerable point in their lives.  


In taking part in our programs they are relying on and trusting us to help them with their recovery, so its very important to us that we serve them honestly, openly and to the best of our ability.

And that's why -

  • Our focus is always on each of the individuals we serve, caring for and serving our participants with respect, dignity, integrity, responsibility and compassion.


  • We respect the privacy of our participants  in relation to all matters relating to their involvement in the program.


  • Our message is always positive, that together and individually we can effect change. We encourage all involved in the program to share their experiences and positive outcomes with others in the community, in order to effect greater change.


We recognise that a  cancer journey is often a significant financial burden - so we provide the Strive 2 Thrive program
free of charge to all participants