Is this program right for me?

Having survived cancer and its treatments is a truly major achievement.  For those of us who have done just that, we tend to find that keeping cancer from returning becomes our central focus.


So what you can do to keep a cancer recurrence at bay?

If you have recently finished active treatment, you might now feel overwhelmingly fatigued and think that rather than exercising, resting and taking it easy is the best course of action for you - and it may be in the short term - but it’s not going to be helpful for your long term health.  


It’s far more important for you to ensure you have good nutrition and get back into an active life to help your recovery and reduce the risk of a cancer recurrence.


In other words, if you've put exercise and a healthy diet on the backburner since your cancer diagnosis and treatment, NOW is the right time to do something about it!

How much exercise is appropriate for you and how hard should you work at it?

It’s best to talk to your Oncology specialist before jumping into any exercise so you know what precautions you may need to take.  


For some cancer survivors, starting an exercise program can be overwhelming, so you need to make sure you have professional help with a specialised exercise program designed uniquely for your abilities and condition by specially trained professionals – and this is Strive 2 Thrive’s area of expertise. 


Don’t worry -


  • You won’t need expensive “exercise”clothing
    We provide you with a Strive 2 Thrive workout shirt 

  • You won’t be surrounded by mirrors, and 

  • You won’t have to share the space with mirror gazers, gym junkies and body builders
    We have exclusive use of a specialised gym for our program, where you will be exercising in a small supported group environment along with other cancer survivors who -

    • will most likely be facing similar challenges to you

    • can empathise with your level of fatigue and other residual issues resulting from your illness and

  • You won't need a gym membership
    We know that the cancer journey can be a costly one, so Strive 2 Thrive programs are provided free-of-charge to participants


Best of all, you will be closely supervised by experts who understand your challenges and will make sure you stay safe and exercise within your limitations.

So step up now and apply

If you would like to get back into life after cancer and join in one of our unique programs, please speak to your Oncology specialist who will organise a referral for you  (Medical Referral forms can be accessed below),
OR  download our Application and Information form below, complete it and send it through to us, and we’ll have a member of our medical team get in touch. 

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