What We Do

Our programs are 12 week specialised exercise and wellbeing education programs, held at the Eastbrooke Gym in Belmont.

Strive 2 Thrive is not funded and relies on grants, sponsorships and donations provided through the generosity of local businesses and individuals in order to run its programs.

Supervised by health and fitness experts, each group of up to 16 participants has twice weekly exercise sessions in the gym, followed by either an interactive information session or by a group walk.

Each participant is individually assessed and is given their own unique supervised exercise program designed to improve their strength, core and fitness whilst taking into account their current health, physical limitations and stamina.

Our participants are given access to qualified health care professionals such as Oncologists, Nurses, Dietitians, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Therapists etc. to support them through the program and to educate and encourage healthy and responsible lifestyle choices.

Sharing the 12 week journey, friendships and bonds formed through this program help to set up strong support networks for the future.

Our participants have repeatedly reported renewed drive and energy as a result of the
Strive 2 Thrive program, and have described it as giving them the much needed emotional and physical strength to return to normal everyday activities and employment -
in short, to move forward with their lives.

The Belmont centre is a safe, supervised environment without the loud music, shiny buffed bodies, and tight lycra so often associated with regular gymnasiums. 


The facility closes its doors to the public during the fixed times that the STRIVE 2 THRIVE participants are in attendance, allowing them to  participate without concern for their appearance or the physical constraints they may have as a result of their cancer treatments and associated side effects, and to socialise, sharing stories and offering support to each other throughout the program.

the belmont centre


Irrespective of the type of cancer diagnosed and treated, the program is available, via medical referral, to any person who has completed active treatment within the past 24 months.

All referrals are, of course, treated confidentially and are managed by our Medical Team who meet and assess each potential participant prior to program placement.