Whilst Strive 2 Thrive does not currently have its own podcasts, we are more than happy to share those recorded by others which we believe you might find interesting.

For example, the Cancer Council has a series of podcasts which can be accessed directly here.  

Alternatively click on the links below to listen to some podcasts relevant to exercise and cancer that we have chosen for you.

Heading 2

"Prof Robert Newton, Associate Dean at Medical and Exercise Sciences, and Research Professor Exercise Medicine Research Institute at ECU in Perth, chats about   exercise oncology, his research line, how he built his institute and what he feels are important areas moving forward."

REACH - Research in Exercise and Cancer Health Podcast

" Associate Professor Prue Cormie is an exercise physiologist and Principal Research Fellow at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research. She discusses the crucial role of exercise in the care of cancer patients. With MJA news and online editor, Cate Swannel"


Vol 208, Issue 8: 7 May 2018

Medical Journal of Australia

"Why can cancer make you so tired and what can you do about it? Julie McCrossin chats with Dr Haryana Dhillon about how cancer fatigue is different to normal tiredness and outlines strategies such as pacing and gentle exercise"

Cancer Council Podcast